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How SpotCrowd Works


Shoplifting costs US retailers $75 billion a year and lots of time.

With no one watching, shoplifters feel free to act.
Realtime monitoring is just too expensive.

SpotCrowd is the smart solution. We connect existing security cameras to the internet so everyone can join our Spotters to get more eyes per store.

Spotters swipe through thousands of streams, earning money by detecting shoplifters.

Result? A safer store and a better gross margin.
Let us stop shoplifting, together!

Why Spotcrowd ?


Privacy by Design




Pay per Thief


More Eyes per Store


Engaging Experience


Short Term Contracts



At SpotCrowd we offer everybody with some spare time and internet access the opportunity to become a Spotter.

You can subscribe, start at the entry level and test your skills at catching shoplifters in the act. Choose real-time footage from retailers that need your eyes to help protect their goods. Swipe through the different camera streams or follow a suspect instore.

As a result, stores will become a safer place and prices will be less squeezed.

And best of all, you get paid a success fee!



By talking with many retailers in different sectors, we have learned that inventory losses - particularly shoplifting - are seriously eating your gross margin. This worldwide problem can be addressed with Spotcrowd's innovative technology.

Spotcrowd introduces a groundbreaking solution by connecting your live retail security camera streams with thousands of Spotters worldwide. This will help you protect your goods and stop wasting your precious time and money.

Subscribe to be one of the first to profit.

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