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The future of Retail Security is here!

SpotCrowd connects to your existing security cameras to get more eyes watching your store.

Be Proactive - Get alerts in real-time

Reduce Inventory Loss - Deter repeat offenders

Save money - Get a better gross margin

○ Save time - Increase Retail Floor time

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Why SpotCrowd

Privacy by Design
 Pay Per Thief
 More Eyes Per Store
 Engaging Experience
 Short-term Contracts


Have some spare time and internet access? Whether you're 13 or 100, anyone can become a Spotter and join our Global Spotter Community.

Fight injustice, catch shoplifters in real-time, and get a paid reward! Let's stop shoplifting together and make stores a safer place!



Make your Loss Prevention more cost effective and get help to stop shoplifters and employee theft! 

Whether you are a national chain to a small shop, from grocery to electronics, every type of retail is seriously affected by inventory losses.

Hook up your existing live IP Security Cameras to Spotcrowd's innovative technology and get real-time notifications when there is a suspect in your store! 

Believing in the value of SpotCrowd

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New to the Spotter University

Pre-Launch Pilot 1.0 was a success

A special thanks goes out to select Spotter Community Members who participated in the first Pre-launch Pilot test.

Meet Our SpotCrowd USA Team!

We’d like to introduce you to some of the people who make SpotCrowd what it is.

Yes we are in!

Yes we made it! So excited, thrilled, curious,...!SpotCrowd joinsTechStars Retail this summer in Minneapolis for 3,5

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