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Our Vision

We created technology to help make an impact on one of the biggest crimes.

Shoplifting is one of the biggest crimes in the world. It costs retail stores in the USA $35 Billion dollars each year and thieves are often unpunished.

We make it our mission to work everyday make a real change by bring more justice and deterrent to steal into the retail industry, making stores a safer place.

Let's Stop Shoplifting...Together!

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Our History

An amazing ride so far, an amazing future ahead of us.

SpotCrowd originated in Belgium. 

2014   Dec    Creation of the basic idea of SpotCrowd. in a garage!
2015   Feb    Accepted by accelerator Start It @KBC
2016   Jun     Belgian incubator IMEC becomes shareholder
2016   Sep     Creation SpotCrowd Belgium
2017   Feb     A second investor confirms his belief in SpotCrowd
2017   May    Accepted by Techstars Retail, off to Minneapolis for 3 months
2017   Jul       Creation SpotCrowd Inc in the USA with a NY office
2017               Commercial launch

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Founding Team


Alexander Siera
Experienced serial-entrepeneur. 
Focused on achieving goals in order to achieve dreams.


Roderick Lindner

Experienced branding, marketing and innovation expert. Dedicated many years teaching startups how to communicate and advising companies on their marketing and corporate communication strategies.


Johnny G. Mills
Experienced multi language programmer with a special interest in artificial intelligence and deep learning.
Expert in gamification, UI and UX.
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Our Partners

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