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Behavior Detection Technology To Spot Shoplifters

9/29/17 9:33 AM / by AB Ali

To detect shoplifting of undefined behavior, we use online machine learning technology and detect suspicious actions, to enhance accuracy of shoplifting detection, we check security camera analysis results on a cloud. Recognize a person in situations when face recognition fails, or the person is viewed from the back. Instead of the face, use general appearance and clothes. Faceless recognition, a.k.a person re-identification, is an emerging technology in AI video analytics we’ve implemented into our system.

Suspicious events happen rarely on closed-circuit television. They are hard to spot by humans, who have short attention span. AI can help, because computers never sleep and we have thousands of Spotters around the world checking feeds 24/7!

Checkout our Video explaining it more here!

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AB Ali

Written by AB Ali

Digital Marketing And Social Expert

What is SpotCrowd?

SpotCrowd is part of the Techstars Retail 2017 program working on a crowd-sourced security camera monitoring solution for retailers. Anyone in the world who has a broadband connection can become a Spotter and earn money catching shoplifters in the act. Top notch real-time facial blurring technology and geo-fencing is used to protect customer privacy.

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