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Best Way to Prevent Sweethearting Theft

11/7/17 8:00 AM / by Melinda Rieck

Sweethearting may sound like a romantic compliment, but in the Retail world it means over a billion dollars in losses each year.


What is Sweethearting?

Sweethearting is the most common type of employee theft, otherwise known as internal theft,  where an employee of a retail store provides a shopper with an item or service for free or at a discount. 

Depending on the type of retail store, this could range from a customer getting free soda to 'forgetting' to scan an expensive item at checkout. The impact of these giveaways is huge, resulting in 35% of all employee theft. 

Employees know that, unless being live monitored by register security cameras, sweethearting goes unnoticed and it's easy to get away with it.  Because of this, employees often make it a bad habit and it just magnifies the problem.

What can I do to reduce sweethearting in my retail store?

  • Ongoing employee education on sweethearting
  • Clear employees awareness on your stores theft policies and consequences
  • Put live surveillance monitoring on overhead register, checkout and exit cameras

If you would like to know how to affordably put live monitoring on your camera surveillance cameras in your store, let us walk you through a quick demo. You'll learn how stronger loss prevention efforts can make a big difference on your revenue.

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Melinda Rieck

Written by Melinda Rieck

What is SpotCrowd?

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