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Meet Our SpotCrowd USA Team!

Sep 1, 2017 1:22:21 PM / by AB Ali

19DC9147-AEEF-4BE5-AA66-CC063759DB60.jpgWe’d like to introduce you to some of the people who make SpotCrowd what it is.

It takes a high-performing team to deliver the best-in-class service our retail clients and spotters expect. At SpotCrowd, we thrive on the strengths of our employees. From Belgium to the United States Of America we all stand for the same idea: SpotCrowd's innovative technology makes it possible to detect and deter shoplifters to save the retailer's assets.

We make it our mission and work every day to improve this technology.

Let's stop shoplifting, together.



Melinda Rieck

Inbound Marketing Lead

Marketing automation & Digital Marketing efforts align to nurture Retail Leads and generate attraction in our spotter community.


Grace Thomson

Legal Research Specialist

Our Legal Expert focused on security and privacy for our retail stores and their customers.


Nader Helmy

Software Engineer

Technical engineer focused on developing intelligent machine learning solutions and building out the software infrastructure.


Abdirahman Ali

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing expert who specializes in social growth and paid advertisement.


AB Ali

Written by AB Ali

Digital Marketing And Social Expert

What is SpotCrowd?

SpotCrowd is part of the Techstars Retail 2017 program working on a crowd-sourced security camera monitoring solution for retailers. Anyone in the world who has a broadband connection can become a Spotter and earn money catching shoplifters in the act. Top notch real-time facial blurring technology and geo-fencing is used to protect customer privacy.

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