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Spotter University

Yes we are in!

Jul 17, 2017 1:00:00 PM / by Roderick Lindner

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Yes we made it! So excited, thrilled, curious,...!
SpotCrowd joinsTechStars Retail this summer in Minneapolis for 3,5 months of learning, listening, building and growing our business.
With Target as the main sponsor of this intensive incubation program, we are directly in contact with one of North America's leading retailers in order get in touch with the US-market.
Company polos newly printed and fresh to go.

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Roderick Lindner

Written by Roderick Lindner

What is SpotCrowd?

SpotCrowd is part of the Techstars Retail 2017 program working on a crowd-sourced security camera monitoring solution for retailers. Anyone in the world who has a broadband connection can become a Spotter and earn money catching shoplifters in the act. Top notch real-time facial blurring technology and geo-fencing is used to protect customer privacy.

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