What is it like to be a Spotter?

Wherever and Whenever You Want To Work.

Anywhere at any time for however long you like

As long as you can watch a YouTube Video you can be a Spotter! Whether you're spotting at home, vacation, or on your lunch break, you can be earning extra cash by detecting shoplifters in real-time!

And it doesn't cost you anything to be a Spotter. All you need to get started is a computer, tablet or smart phone with access to the internet!

Watching retail store security cameras

After logging in, you'll see a short footage of a live security camera from a random store in a random area of the world! Our technology will isolate only footage with someone in the video, blurring out their face for privacy. 

Then it's up to you! Can you spot them stealing? If yes, flag them and you earn money! If not, it's on to the next camera.

I like the idea that I will be actively doing something good to help to reduce shoplifting worldwide. Plus, I've always wanted to be a spy!



Build up your points

Every time you tag backpacks, waiting lines, or complete other challenges you accumulate points. Spend your points on swiping through the different camera streams or follow a suspect throughout the store.

Join the Spotter Community today to get 10,000 Early Bird bonus points added to your account!

Earn more money as you improve your skills

As you detect shoplifters you earn money which can be cashed out to get a paycheck from SpotCrowd.

As you improve on detecting shoplifters you work up to move up the ranks and get earn more per shoplifter!

SpotCrowd would be a fun way to earn some extra cash for my family.

I already have everything I need to get started: A computer or smartphone and access to the internet!