You're participating in a Pre-Launch Pilot version of SpotCrowd. 

Videos Not Showing Up?

  • A Laptop or Desktop Required to view this test correctly.
  • If after 15 seconds the videos aren't pulling up go to Please follow the instructions in order to allow your flash player to function.

Videos are pausing or jumping?

  • Try refreshing the page
  • Update your browser updated to the latest version
  • If you run a Is your download speed higher than 5.8 Mbps? If not, your internet speed may be too slow to accomodate SpotCrowd. 

What do I do when I see a shoplifter?

7.tagging menu_release when full.jpgWhen you see someone in the act of concealment

  1. Click on them
  2. Select 'ALERT' to notify the store that there is a potential shoplifter in this area.

Once SpotCrowd verifies that it is indeed an act of concealment (currently up to 7 day delay) you are awarded $5!


How much can I earn?

For this test SpotCrowd pays you $5 for each confirmed shoplifter! 

By the end of our Beta Test, If you spot more verified shoplifters than the rest you are awarded extra money for being on our Leader Board!

Leader Board Payout Awards:

1st place: $200
2nd place: $100
3rd place: $50

Payout on each verified Shoplifter you tag = $5

If I tag everyone as a shoplifter can make a lot of money?

No, beware we also take in account the number of false signals you click. If in one hour you wrongfully mark more than 10 customers you will be disqualified. It’s important that you only click on real shoplifters.

When will I know how much I earned?

For this test we have to verify the result manually. So in the next week we will send everybody a payment with your earnings via Paypal.. 

Will I be watching live camera streams?

Yes, the camera footage you will see is live. It is not a recording. With the link below you can start catching shoplifters in the act.

How will I get my money?

In this test we can only pay spotters via a Paypal account. We pay out all our spotters at the end of every month.

What is a 'confirmed / verified shoplifter'? 

For this closed pre-launch test, SpotCrowd will verify if the act of concealment can be accounted as act of shoplifting. 


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